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Pocket Shield is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery that can supply power for CyberPi and provides 2-pin and 3-pin interfaces that can be used to connect servos, LED strips, and motors, which significantly improves the extensibility of CyberPi.


  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, used to supply power for CyberPi
  • Two DC motor ports, used to connect and drive DC motors
  • Two digital servo ports, used to connect and drive servos or LED strips
  • One main control board port, allowing you to easily connect Pocket Shield to CyberPi
  • Supporting mBlock 5 programming, which is intended for users of all ages, including those without any programming experience
  • Supporting Python programming, for which the cyberpi library is provided


Product parameters




Battery Parameter

3.7V 800mAh 

Input voltage/current

5V 700mA

Output voltage/current

5V 2A

Battery life

4 hours( in general application scenarios, just for reference)

Charging time

1~2 hours

Communication mode

Serial communication: between the main control board and extension board

Digital signals: at the digital servo port

PWM signals: at the DC motor port

Hardware version







  • Self-discharge occurs in the lithium-ion battery. If you store mBot2 Shield with the battery voltage lower than 3.6 V for a long time, the battery will be over-discharged and its internal structure may be damaged, which reduces the endurance of the battery. Therefore, to store mBot2 Shield for a long time while keeping the battery intact, you need to charge the battery once every three to six months to 3.8–3.9 V (the best voltage for storage is 3.85 V), which allows the discharge depth of 40% to 60%.
  • Store mBot2 Shield at 4℃ to 35℃ in a dry place or keep it away from moisture through packaging.
  • Keep it away from heat or direct sunlight.
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